About Metis Nutrition®

As the newest product line in the FitLife Brands portfolio, Metis Nutrition® is committed to providing the highest quality and most effective nutritional supplements in the industry. Along with their premier retail partner, GNC, Metis Nutrition® strives to meet the ever evolving consumer need for beneficial, safe supplements through advanced ingredients delivered in progressive formulas.

FitLife Brands Corporate Profile

FitLife Brands is an international provider of innovative and proprietary nutritional and fitness enhancement products for health conscious consumers. FitLife Brands currently markets over 60 different dietary supplements to promote sports nutrition, improved performance, weight loss and general health.

Our team is composed of highly experienced business and marketing executives who are passionate about health and nutrition. We have a deeper understanding of our industry and our consumers because we share the same commitment to living well. FitLife Brands is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and continues to grow as a global leader in the industry.