Proven Science. Powerful Results.®

Metis Nutrition® is the latest line of advanced nutrition supplements from industry leader FitLife Brands. This unrivaled complement of products is precision-engineered to deliver specific, significant, powerful results. Metis Nutrition products are raising expectations and results in the supplement category, with science backed by clinical studies.

Exclusively Available at GNC Stores Nationwide

  • JXT5®


    Clinically Studied Ingredients forTestosterone + Joints

    JXT5® offers a potent multifaceted 5-N-1 formulation for today’s man, now featuring patented PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit. Containing the highest quality and purest ingredients available, JXT5® brings together five key elements designed to support men’s health and vitality.

  • Pyro Stim® 7

    Pyro Stim® 7

    Clinically Studied Ingredients for aComplex Thermogenic

    PYRO STIM® 7 offers a dynamic 7-N-1 weight loss thermogenic with the ability to deliver powerful results. This leading edge thermogenic helps promote fat loss, deliver energy and focus, suppress appetite and cortisol levels, while supporting a healthy mood.